Use feng shui mirrors around your home wisely

How to know which Feng Shui Bagua Mirror to Use: Convex or Concave?
Know that the feng shui bagua mirror is always used outside your home, and never inside the home.
Second, it is best to use the feng shui bagua mirror only when recommended by a professional feng shui  onsultant; chances are, the bagua mirror is not necessary for your front door.
As for the difference between the feng shui bagua convex mirror and the feng shui bagua concave mirror, this basic info should be helpful:
A concave bagua mirror is used in the feng shui applications when the negative energy outside your home needs to be neutralized by being absorbed. Basically, a concave design of a mirror will “suck in” the negative feng shui energy and neutralize it.
A convex bagua mirror is used when you want to reflect right back the negative feng shui energy (Sha Chi) pointing at your home (be it front door or any windows). This is the least desired feng shui use of a bagua mirror, because it just promotes the endless bouncing of negative energy. Not good feng shui!

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