TUBERCULOSIS (By tubercle bacillus)

This is a very serious epidemic disease. This disease is caused by the germs called tubercle bacillus. The tiny germ enters into the body through nose, mouth and settles down in the lungs. It increases its off springs in millions and leave the small raised spots, called tubercles.
1. This disease may occur anywhere in the body. But mostly it affects the lungs.
2. The patient feels tired because of the weakness of the body.

3. He loses the colour and ago weight.
4. He feels a rise in temperature lightly.
5. A persistent cough throughout day and night.
6. He suffers from chest pain.
7. Feels difficult while breathing.
K Digestion becomes improper.
9 Horrible pain in the shoulders.
10. Feels hoarseness.
1. Lower resistance because of taking improper and in adequate food.
2. Loss of sleep by several worries.
3.  Because of horrible smoking.
4. Because of having improper air.
5.  Because of heavy overwork,
6. Because of using harmful drinks.
1.  Milk is a best food to the patient, because it obtains calcium sufficiently.
2. The patient should practise full ink diet in the beginning.

3. Huge quantity of milk should be taken daily.
4.  Raw milk produces the best result. Because it is clean and pure.
5.  Sunlight should be provided sufficiently.
6. Pineapple juice is beneficial for treatment.
7. ()range juice mixed with the pinch of salt is also useful lo the patient.
8. The use of bananas reduces by cough and high fever.
9. The soup by drumstick leaves is found good to the n.iiientsfor this disease.
10. By using the cooked bottle gourd tubercular germs may be killed.
1. The patient should avoid white bread, white sugar and also all the distilling foods.
2. He should.give up smoking.
3. He must stop having coffee, alcoholic foods etc. till the complete cure.
4. He must practise to take deep breathing.
5. Fresh air to be provided sufficiently.
6. Even sufficient sunlight is essential to the patients in the diseases.

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