The teeth are not only favourable for the beautiful looking, but also for the sound health  owadays tooth ache is the common ailment anywhere in the world merely because of
the negligence in keeping them clean
1 Because of the improper treating.
2 Consumption of ice-candy, soft drinks, refined carbohydrates and eating the sweet dishes to the most extent
3 Because of the troubles by the bacteria in the mouth which break for the erosion
4 Because of using mud etc to wash the teeth.
5 Because of not using the brush properly.
1.  By chewing the raw onions for some months This practice enables in killing all the germs in the mouth and thus protects from tooth ache
2 By using the mixture pepper powder with a pinch of salt powder This practice prevents from dental troubles and also from foul breath. Stops bleeding from the germs.

3.  Lime is also found profitable to safeguard the teeth, because it consists of vitamin C’ in plenty. Lime prevents from loosening of the teeth and also tooth ache with bleeding of the gums.
4. When there is toothache, a clove of garlic with a little rock salt should be put on the affected tooth. The pain decreases and the teeth become strong and healthy.
1. Importance should be given on diet in dental health.
2. Sugar products should be used little.
3. fireless refined foods give a great harm to teeth, because of accumulating food particles on the teeth in a sticky mass.
4. Overeating of sugar products should be given up.
5. Proper cleaning of the teeth is very essential.
6. Improper use of the brush.

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