PSORIASIS (Sexual Disorder of the Skin)

Psoriasis is a chronic disease but is not contagious This disease affects both male and female sexes in the age between Killeen to twenty-five years This is a sort metabolic disease
1 in the beginning the thick patches in red and silver colour appear op the skin

2 Even the itches may also occur.
3. Commonly the affected portion of this disease are behind the ear, back of the trunk and scalp.
4. Sometimes even in the backside of the knees, elbows etc.
1. Because of the abnormality in growth of skin and replacement.
2. This skin disease also develops hereditarily in the families.
3 Because of physical and emotional stress and infections.
4 By using certain medicines for the treatment of some other diseases.
1 The thick cabbage leaves should be washed thoroughly in warm water and be applied on the affected part of the body in an overlapping way.
2. By drinking the butter milk liberally.
3 By taking sip by sip in an empty stomach the fresh juice of bitter gourd with a little lime juice for a couple of month.
4. The Vitamin E therapy is also beneficial when there is suffering from this disease, to reduce, itching and also
the formation of scale.
5. By applying the extracted oil from the outer shell of cashew nut seeds on the affected area.
1 A cleansing juice fast is very much comfortable in the beginning for a week.
2 After the juice fast, a well-balanced diet may be adopted.
3  More attention should be given to use raw vegetables and fruits in plenty as pumpkin seeks, sunflower seeds etc.
4 Animals fats, eggs, milk and other processed foods should be avoided in usage.
5 Even white sugar, white flour, condiments should be avoided because they contain hydrogenated fats mostly.
6  Home made cheese is a very comfortable diet, for this
7 juice, made of grapes, carrots, cucumbers is also very beneficial for substantial improvement.
8  Warm water enema is very useful when having the fast of juices.
9  Soaps should not be used while having baths, frequent baths should also be stopped.
10  Sea water baths are very beneficial while suffering from I his disease.

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