PILES (Hemorrhoids)

Piles are also called as “Haemorrhoids” This is the very common ailment now a days Though no much bleeding severe pain just outside the rectum. Sometimes even inside. This occurs because of the inflammation of the veins
1. Slight bleeding with pain, while passing stools.
2. Irritation after passing stools
3. Pain in the rectal region
4 Patient becomes unable to sit comfortably, due to the pain and a sort of itching.
1 Because of the disorders in the bowels
2 Because of the miserable condition affecting the liver
3 By the general weakness of the tissues of the body
4 Because of the heavy work with excess heat
5 Sometime occurs by heredity

1 Dry figs should be soaked during the complete night Next morning they should be washed in clean hot water and should be taken twice a day for at least four weeks
2 White raddishjuice in morning and evening with milk Radish may also be used as vegetable diet
3 Ginger juice with a little lime juice and with a tea-spoon of honey
4. Juice of turnip leaves with the juice of carrots and spinach have been found better in curing this disease.
5 Rice with butter milk and ripe banana should be taken twice a day for prescribed period as suggested by the doctor
6 Juice extracted from the leaves ofbittergourd is very useful if used with the juice of butter, milk, every morning The paste of the roots may also be applied over piles

7 Mango seeds dried in the shade should be powdered and be kept stored for a definite time The powder should be given to the patient with honey is doses twice orthnce daily
8 Onion with sugar may be used for bleeding piles. The crushed or roasted onion may be applied on the part of the piles occurred to get the early favourable result.
9  The decoction of sesame seeds when used with butter is more useful for bleeding piles
1 The patient should adopt all fruit diet for two-three weeks in the beginning for securing suff stores.
2. Exercises play the prominent role for the early cure
3. Because of this, muscles will improve the circulation in the rectal pouts of the body

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