When in the body, the fatness deposits more than the necessity, then it becomes over weight. This overweight is also called as obesity. Mainly this is caused because of the storage of the fat in the body.
1. The average weight of the body increases.
2. The strain on the heart and even on the kidneys increases.
3. Development of higher blood pressure, diabetes disorders of the gallbladder.
1. Because of over eating.
2. BY the disturbances of thyroid or the pituitary glands.
3. By consuming the intake of calories more beyond the body’s energy required.
1. Plenty of water to be taken.
2. Lemon juice mixed with the equal quantity of water
3. Lime juice in a lukewarm water with a tea spoonful of honey.
4. By substituting the daily meal with the cabbage salad to stay slim.
5. By in taking the fruitful tomatoes for the daily breakfast for a couple of months. This results to the reduce the weight.
1. The juice fast of fruit juice at least for a week in the beginning.
2. All fruit diet then after wards.
3. Well balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and fresh juices.
4. Fat foods like butter, ghee, chocolate, cream, sweets etc. should be avoided.
5. All sorts of soft drinks and alcoholic drinks should be stopped.
6. To adopt natural methods of reducing weight.
7. Steam baths and heavy, message is beneficial in this condition.
8. Yogasanas, walking, swimming are also beneficial to lessen the overweight.

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