* Natural air and light is always necessary for a home, dull and dark home is just like welcoming shar chi to the house.
* Always keep the main entrance of the house hurdle free; so that there should be easy flow of energy in to the house, no obstacles should come in the way.
* There should not be a service window in the kitchen even if you have that place a green pot over the window, to balance it.
* A house with four sides of home is not auspicious as per feng shui
* A house next or in front of a temple or church is not favorable, as positive energy is more in the temples
* AS the same a house opposite to a funeral ground is not good as too much of negative energy will be there.

* No house should be purchased which is in front of a hospital
* Water pot near the main door is considered very auspicious
* No lift in front of the main door.
* Never keep unused or non working clock in the house.
* Don’t keep broken mirrors in the house.
* No mirror quite opposite to your bed, this will cause illness.
* Never sleep below an open beam.
* Always use double mattress on a double bed, never use single mattresses.
* Brooms are considered to remove negative ness, in the night keep them in sight so that any negative energy cannot enter the house as the same in the day keep it out of sight.
* Salt must be used for mopping, that too it is good when used unrefined rock salt, the salt removes all the negative energy, more so over it gives sparkling effect to the floor.
* A main door of the house right above the steps is not as good as it declines the growth, happiness, wealth, luck a remedy for this situation is put pa qua mirror to be put at the main door.
* Buying a plot on “S” turns is very auspicious and the virtue, happiness of the family living in that house doubles, but this is not suitable for business purpose.
* Never buy a house where the shadow of a temple, dome or any thing falls on your house.
* Never buy a hose or a flat on “L” turn as it stands as sharp edge and there shall be no prosperity, for the people who live in there. The remedy for such a situation is add a small fencing to the entrance and better shift the main door instead of middle to the corner.
* There should be no toilet in front of the main entrance.
* Avoid a flat on the top most floors; where there is a over head tank, it is not considered good and auspicious.
To all the readers let god bless with health, wealth, longevity, peace, prosperity and all the desired happiness

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