mamaIra, imaSHimaitata, Mamira, Gold Thread


Sanskrit: Mamírá, Mißhamitita

mamaIra,  imaSHimaitata

Hindi: Mamira

English: Gold Thread

Latin: Coptis teeta all.

Part Used: Dried root

Habitat: Himalayas, Mishmi mountains east of

Upper Assam

Energetics: Bitter-cold-pungent PK- V+ Tissues: Plasma, blood, fat

Systems: Digestive, circulatory

Action: Bitter tonic, antipyretic, alterative


Uses: Improves appetite, restores digestion, gas, visceral obstructions, jaundice, improves bile flow, chronic gall bladder inflammation, debility, con- valescence after fevers, debilitating diseases, atonic indigestion, mild forms of intermittent fevers, ca- tarrhal and rheumatic conjunctivitis, dries exces- sive body moisture (e.g., water retention), all Pitta disorders, anal fissure, ulcerative colitis, vaginal infections, tumors, boils, carbuncles, inflammatory skin conditions; externally applied to sores (includ- ing mouth sores). Preparation: Paste, eye salve, powder, infusion,


Precaution: Drying; do not use with nausea or vom- iting caused by a stomach hypoactivity or diarrhea due to spleen or kidney deficiency. Long term use aggravates the spleen and stomach


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