MALARIA (Mosquito – Bite-Fever)

This disease is found mostly all over the world especially in the tropical and subtropical countries. This is the most wide spread disease in the “Epidemics”.
1. The patient suffers from high fever in the beginning itself
2. The fever is accomplished by chill also.
3. The patient will have shivering.
4. He feels pain in the limbs.
5. The fever may attack daily or alternatively or once in four days.
1. Caused by the tiny parasite called plasmodium. This parasite grows first in the liver and enters the bloods stream, then it invades the blood cells. Then from a sick person it spreads to a healthier one, because of the bite by a female mosquito by name Anopheles. When bitten, it takes blood with parasites of the patient and leave the same into the blood cell of the and other these mosquitoes breeds in the dirty stagnant water place.
2. Wrong feeding habits and faulty way of living also develops the malaria in the patient.
3.  Because of the liberal intake of flood foods.
4.  By more using of alcoholic beverages.
1 Lime and lemon mixed juice is a good home remedy, if taken as per the advice of the doctor.
2. By using the fresh grape fruits sufficiently,

3.  Quinine pills are suggested as the easiest home remedy, to the sufferers by Malaria.
4.  The leaves of Datura plant with jaggery is the beneficial remedy, if taken daily thrice with the advice of the doctors.
5. Alum powder also gives relief if taken in half a tea-spoon for every two hours to get relief.
6. The powder of cinnamon with honey and pepper powder is an effective remedy if taken in a glass of water.
I. Attention to be given on diet very carefully in the beginning.
2. the patient should be kept fast on an orange juice and water for a few days with prior suggestions by the doctor,

3.  cold pack should be applied on the whole body, when i he patient has high fever.
4.  A clean blanket should be covered on it.
5. Hot water bottles may be kept by the sides of the body and even a the feet of the patient.
6. Surrounding areas of the patient, should be kept clean and tidy.
7. Care to be taken, not to stagnant the water around anywhere.
8. Mosquito nets should be used around the bed of the patient.
9. Cold water should not be given to the patient till a complete cure.
10. Even the cooked food should be avoided and be fresh fruits like oranges, grapes should be provided.

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