Len Corrhoea (Discharge of white Vaginal)

This is a little dangerous ailment for females which makes their body weak and Causes for several other diseases. This disease is commonly known as ‘whites’. The ‘Whites’ discharge from the female genitals. This miserable condition may continue for weeks months together or life long in some occasions.
1 The patient becomes completely tired and fatigue.
2 She experiences a sort of dragging sensation in the abdomen.
3  Sometimes even the headache may also trouble.
4 The patient, certain times, feels irritable.
1 Because of wrong feeding habits.
2 Whenever the body is loaded by toxins.
3 When lungs and kidney’s work become improper and irregular.
4  Due to the thickening of the mucous membrane in the inter menstrual periods.
5 Due to the damage of cervix at the time of the delivery’ of the infant.
6 displacement of the wombs certain times.
7 When bacteria attract genitals in unhygienic conditions.

1 The use of lady’s finger in the daily diet, in plenty.
2 amaranth roots strained in the water for a little long time, should be given to the patient to eat daily in the morning and evening.
3 the paste of the mango seeds may be applied inside the vagina, also gives good result.
4. P By using daily, the infusion of the guava leave is also the best treatment for this disease.
5. The decoction, prepared by the walnut leaves also gives cure, while suffering by leucorrhoea.
6. Fenugreek seeds when used as a douche, internally in the form of tea.
1. In the beginning the patient should take fast on fruits for a week to eliminate the morbid matter.
2. Even after wards only the fruits should be given to the patients as meals thrice a day.
3  A well-balanced diet should be given in the form of fruits and even the steamed vegetables.
4. White Sugar, white flour condiments fried fruits should be avoided during this period.
5. Alcoholic foods and liquids should also be given up.
6. A cold hip bath daily to the patient, is quite beneficial if it is taken twice a day for ten minutes at a time.

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