Poor circulation, due to hormonal changes and mineral deficiency (usually, calcium and/or magnesium), can cause painful cramps in the leg and the foot. As the baby grows and the pressure on the lower half of your body increases, the cramps may get worse.




Recommended Food

Eat sea vegetables, green leafy vegetables (except spinach), soy products, and live unsweetened yogurt for calcium.


Food to Avoid

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and high-sugar products that deplete the body of minerals.


Super Seven Prescriptions—Leg and Foot Cramps


Super Prescription #1    Calcium and magnesium

Take a complex of these two minerals that contains 500 mg of calcium and 250 mg of magnesium, twice daily. These minerals reduce muscle spasms and cramps.

Super Prescription #2    Homeopathic Magnesia Phosphorica

Take 3 pellets of a 6x potency three times daily. This homeopathic remedy is very helpful and safe in the treatment of cramps and spasms.

Super Prescription #3    Prenatal multivitamin

Take as directed on the container. It provides a base of nutrients involved in relax- ing the muscles.

Super Prescription #4    Super green foods

Take a single super green food, such as chlorella or spirulina, or try a blended mix- ture. These foods provide minerals that prevent cramping and spasms.

Super Prescription #5    B-complex vitamins

Take a 50 mg B-complex to ensure proper nerve and muscle function.

Super Prescription #6    Fish oil

Take 4,000 mg of fish oil daily, for essential fatty acids that support proper blood flow.

Super Prescription #7    Essential fatty acids

Take 1,000 mg of borage, evening primrose oil (Oenothera biennis), or black cur- rant oil for essential fatty acids that support proper blood flow.




Rubbing the legs and the feet will stimulate blood ow and reduce cramping. A reg- ular full-body massage will improve circulation throughout the entire body.



Other Recommendations


Exercise daily to keep your blood moving. Walking and water aerobics are good, gentle choices.

A hot compress on the cramped area will relax the muscles.

Elevate your legs as often as possible, so that blood can flow back up to the heart.

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