kumaarI, Kumari, Gawarpaltra, Indian Alces, Aloe Vera


Sanskrit: Kumárí (Ghirita)


Hindi: Kumari, Gawarpaltra

English: Indian Alces, Aloe Vera

Latin : Aloe barbadensis Mill., Aloe Indica, A.Barbados,    A. Vera, Va rieties: Officinalis (Liliaceae)

Part  Used :  Ex tract, dried juice of leaves and pulp root

Habitat: Throughout India and the world Energetics: Bitter, astringent, pungent, sweet/cold/ sweet VPK= (gel and small doses of powder; pow– der—PK- V+

Tissues: All

Systems: Circulatory, female reproductive, diges- tive, nervous, excretory

Action: In small doses—stomachic tonic; large doses—purgative, emmenagogue, anthelmintic; laxative, refrigerant, bitter tonic, alterative, vulnerary, rejuvenative. Aperient, digestive, alterative, astringent; stems, fruits, flowers—bitter, carmina- tive; root—diuretic, expectorant, febrifuge.

Uses: Intestinal worms, hair dye and growth; eye problems, colds, hemorrhoids (confection of leaf pulp); pulp with honey and turmeric —coughs and colds; juice with asafoetida gum—colic, infant pneumonia; external leaf juice for skin inflamma- tions and chronic ulcers, brain tonic, Anti-Váyu rib pain, heart pain, swellings from injury, enlarged spleen (internal and external paste); tender leaves with cumin and rock candydysentery with bloody stools; juice and ginger oil—hair oil for insomnia; leaf pulp— conjunctivitis; with small amounts of rock candy and cooked alum (in fry- ing pan)ophthalmia; with butter—applied to skin ulcers to relieve burning sensation; with tur– meric —spleen disorders and enlarged glands; tu- ber paste with turmeric paste—externally applied to inflamed or diseased breasts; fever, constipa- tion, bursitis, jaundice, hepatitis, enlarged liver, venereal diseases, herpes, amenorrhea, dysmenor– rhea, menopause, vaginitis, tumors, regulates fat and sugar metabolism; blood tonic, tones diges- tive enzymes, kidney disorders, asthma, TB and other lung diseases, ear infections, obesity, Pitta reducing, wasting diseases. Externally for burns, herpes, skin rashes, sores. One of the da¤hmúl roots. Fumigation for toothache; juice with whey for diuretic; root with chiráyatá and ginger as a febrifuge, berry juice for sore throat, juice with black pepper for rheumatism; decoction for gon- orrhea, conception; fruit powder with honey for chronic coughs in children; root decoction with guæúchí for cough and fever.

Precaution: Do not use when pregnant Preparation: Confection, tincture, lotion, juice (gel), powder, decoction, paste, pulp, herbal wine, fumes

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