Jaundice Inflammation of the Liver

The disease “Jaundice” develops because of the liver disorders. The colour of the face when the disease is developed, turns into yellow.
1 The face turns into yellow colour.
2 Light fever develops in the body.
3  Yellow discoloration even in eyes, tongue, skin and urine.
4 Extreme weakness in the body.
5 The feeling of a little pain in the portion of the liver inside the body.
6 Lo ss of appetite and even hunger
7. Sometimes intense itching.
I May be caused by the obstruction of the bile ducts and
develops trouble in the intestine.
2. Because of the bile, mixed with the blood, gives yellow colour to the skin.
3. May be caused by virus.
4 May be caused even by effecting the liver, as Typhoid, Malaria etc.
1. The Green leaves of radish is considered to be the very fine treatment for this disease the leaves to be pounded and their juice to be extracted to be taken by the patient daily for ten to twelve days.
2. Even the tomato juice mixed with salt and pepper is an easy home remedy to the patient if taken daily early in the morning for a couple of weeks.
3 The juice of bitter luffa is also found as on effective remedy for the jaundice patients. The juice should be put on the palm of the hand and to be drawn up through the nostrils.
4. The snake ground leaves should be well boiled in the hot water with a tea-spoon of coriander seeds The decoction to be given to the patient, thrice a day for tw o to three weeks
5. Almond dry dates and cardamoms to be pounced in a little water and should be prepared like a paste A little quantity of sugar to be mixed should be given to the patients to lick. Even this is regarded as the effective home remedy.
6. Lemon juice, mixed with hot water should be given daily thrice to the patient for a couple of weeks for the recovery of the jaundice
7. Even the sugar cane juice, mixed with a lime juice is beneficial for the hasten recovers
8. By ringing the barley water, several times daily ielie\C’ the patient by this disease.
1 The patient should be given the complete physical rest.
2 The patient should be put on a juice fast at least for a week, in the beginning
3 Digested disturbances must be avoided
4 The patient should practise only the moderate exercises.
5 He must have fresh airbase.
6 He must enjoy the adequate rest.
7. He must avoid oily food at lest for six months.

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