INSOMNIA Risksome to sleep

Insomnia means “Completely lack of Sleep”. This type of disease is observed now a days in the individuals among the rich people and disorders in the daily use of the diets.
I his disease is commonly found in old aged people.

1 Difficulty in getting sleep

2  Decreasive in the particular duration of sleep.
3  Gradual weakness in “Memory”.
4  Down fall in concentrated mind.
5 Loss of coordination and confusion.
6  Changes in the quality of sleep.
1  Mental tensions because of different types of worries.
2  Because of extensive over work.
3  Suppressed feelings of anger
4  over eating and disorders in diet.
5  excessive in using alcoholic liquids.
6  because of horrible smoking.

1. A grass of milk, mixed with honey should be taken for a couple of weeks twice daily in the morning and evening.
2. By massaging the curds on the head before sleep.

3 . The cooked leaves of bottle gourd should be used in the form of vegetables.
4. Honey is the best home remedy for sleeplessness. This is a beneficial treatment because it makes the hypnotic action in having a sound sleep.
5. Honey, when given to the babies once in a day, in a  prescribed proportion also gives good sleep to them.
6. Low salt diet in the daily usage of food, is also beneficial for sound sleep
7. Yogasanas helps in having good sleep.
1. Difficult exercises to be avoided only mind exercises should be practised before sleeping.
2. Excess of using white flour food sugar, to be stopped
3. Excess eating of chocolates drinking coffee tea etc, should be minimised.
4. Sarasota, Shavian and Sarvangasana are beneficial in getting a good sleep.
5. Regular practice of meditation before sleep is also found as a profitable treatment to enjoy sound sleep.
6.  Minimising the working hour daily to nine or eight hours for a couple of week when suffering in from insomnia.

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