Home Remedies with GARLIC

To maintain body Warmth and nervous stability, eat garlic everyday.
To prevent recurrence of Tuberculosis in convalescing patients, give them garlic to eat for a long time.
To treat Hypertension (High B.P.). consume garlic regularly.
To treat wounds, make a paste of garlic, mulberry Leaves or HUGE seed, with edible salt and apply it on the wound.
To treat scorpion bite, make a paste of washed garlic pods in water and apply on the affected area.
To get rid of worms, take one spoon of garlic juice with honey.
To get relief from the pain in the ears, boil garlic pods in castor oil, cool it and introduce a few drops in to the affected ear.
To curb Rheumatism and Tuberculosis, eat garlic. This also effective against cholera.
To  help cure respiratory problems, give garlic pods, boiled in Milk, to eat, everyday.

To prevent deafness arising from exposure to cold, take a garlic pod, cover in cotton and plug into the ear.
To get relief from Pain in the ovaries, boil garlic in water and take that water twice a day.
To prevent Gas formation in the stomach, consume garlic daily. This also improves the blood count.
To drive away poisonous insects, burn the garlic peep and smoke the infested area.
To treat chronic cough and cold, consume garlic everyday.
To cure indigestion and flatulence, consume hot garlic pods everyday,

To improve digestion and sperm count, consume garlic everyday. This also cures cough and breathlessness.

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