Make the first impression upon entering your home a warm and welcoming one.
Above the outside of any entrance door (front door, back door, sliding door, etc.) hang a Ba-Gua mirror. Make sure it is a flat Ba-Gua. There are 3 different Ba-Guas, flat, concave and convex. The concave and convex are for temporary use in certain circumstance. The flat can be put above the doors permanently. If you can not put it above the doors then put it on the doors NEVER use the Bagua indoors.
Flat Bagua – used to protect your home, yourself, your family, family pets, and/or business from negativity & harmful influences by balancing and adjusting the Chi (energy). The flat Bagua is generally sufficient; unless there are extenuating circumstances requiring use of one of the other two.
Concave Bagua – used to absorb negative energy (Shar Chi or killing energy) preventing it from entering one’s home and/or office.
Convex Bagua – used to diffuse and deflect negative energy (Shar Chi or killing breath) created by poison arrows (such as a tree in front of your door, sharp edges of a building or structure facing your front door. This one is rarely used as it can be harmful to your neighbors.
Hang 3 Chinese coins tied together with red ribbon on the back of your front door handle. This will attract Auspicious money. (Make sure you cut the ribbon in increments of 9. Such as 9″, 18″, 27″, etc.).
Fu Dogs are very important as they guard the home and/or business. Purchase a pair and place them on either side of the front door, preferably outside. If you can not place them outside then put the right inside on either side of the front door.
Install a pond outside that has 9 goldfish or carp; of which 8 are red or gold and 1 black fish. The one black fish attracts all that is negative or undesirable. If a fish dies, do not fret. It is believed that this fish absorbed some bad luck that was meant for a resident of the home. Do not keep fish in the bedroom, the bathroom nor kitchen. There they will create material loss.
Make sure your address is clearly visible from the street both day & night.
Place items in your front and back yard that create motion or have eye catching appeal. Examples: garden gazing balls, pinwheels, hand painted garden stakes and/or figurines. The brighter the colors, the better.
Add flowering plants, in groups of 3’s along the walkway to your front door. Red is best.
If possible, light the walkway to your door at night. It will do what flowers do during the day. The combination of the two will light the way’ to your door. Thus, lighting the way to your wealth and prosperity.
Get rid of any dried flowers in your space. They are dead and you do not want your wealth to be dead. Replace them with fake or silk.
Clear away any clutter and trim over grown plants in all yard areas.
Replace any cut down trees or vegetation with plants of equal or greater beauty and value.
Have live plants in as many rooms as possible, if their leaves look like round coins, even better.
Move your furniture around, it’s fun to create something new and exciting to come home to. You will also change the flow of energy, which is good to do every so often.
Remember when placing furniture, less is always best. Too much furniture can make us feel cramped and can restrict the flow of our opportunities.
It is best to have bookshelves with doors on the front. But if you don’t then either create make shift doors or move all the books forward so they are.flush with the front of the shelf.

Have a garage sale and clean it out at the same time. You will not only make some money, you will improve your ability to think more clearly. And/or you will have more helpful people assisting you along your life’s path.
Keep the kitchen well stocked with food. When we have our cupboards filled with food, we feel more abundant.
Keep brooms and mops out of sight; preferably upside down. This keeps intruders out and prevent from the family’s livelihood from being swept away.
Clean out your closets and drawers. Give away, sell or throw away anything that you not longer use or no longer like.
Playing calming music like ocean waves, forest sounds or rain falling to soothe a stressful working or home environment.
Paint your mailbox something fun, colorful and eye catching, especially if your business is home based. This will encourage more business through the mail.
Do something that lifts your spirit, like placing wonderfully smelling flowers at your desk. They will give you a fresher and a rosier outlook on things. Though not in the Love & Marriage corner. Fresh flowers clashes with the element of romance, which is Earth.
Add mirrors to increase the size of a small room. You will create a feeling of more space and also endless opportunities.
By organizing our environment randomly, we do not take control of how it affects us and give it the chance to become an obstacle without even realizing of it. Feng shui teaches us that the spaces where we live or work should be thoughtfully disposed in order to take the best advantage of them and make them be a help to us rather than an obstacle.
Feng shui shows us how our spaces can be designed and re-arranged in order to provide us the right balance and harmony. Simple things such as the position in which we place our desk, can become determinative to the harmony we feel in that space, and affect factors such as the concentration we may have when working in that space.
Among the most important feng shui concepts is the one of bagua. Bagua is a term employed to denominate the map of feng shui which is the tool we can use to evaluate each living or working space. This map’s shape is an octagon which is divided in nine different areas. Each area correspond to nine main areas of life and allow us to identify the position of each one of those areas in the space we are evaluating..
Feng shui manages five main elements which we should always have in mind when harmonizing our environment: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Each one of these five Elements move in a different way and make the energy of the environment vary depending on it.
The term chi denominates the energy, which is always changing and moving and depends on the five elements. Feng shui studies the way chi moves and acts as an invisible force determining the kind of energy that objects and everything that surrounds us contain.
As we can see, feng shui can provide us a very rich and wise new world to explore. By acquiring the knowledge it has to provide, we can understand and improve our environment or space, whatever its nature is. This way, feng shui allow us to improve our life style and our energy by maximizing the environment in which we are.
I’ve enjoyed using feng shui for several years. For myself, it is the simple arranging of furniture to let the energy flow better in my house and in my work space. Small things helped like:
Not having my back to the door has helped me work easier.
Cleaning up clutter helped me relax (ie. I could find things easier!).
Widening and cleaning the front path makes coming home more inviting.
Putting a large mirror behind the stove made it so I wouldn’t be surprised when someone came up behind me (and helped prosperity… though that isn’t as logical).
Putting a mirror up at the end of a hallway makes it not seem like a dead end.
Making paths between rooms and through rooms wide and easy to use allows me to walk around easily (as well as get the chi to move).
Oiling doors so they didn’t squeak reduced irritation.
Adding something I love to the view I get when opening my front door makes coming home feel more welcoming.
Closing my toilet lid made it quieter and seems to stop money from going down the drain.
Here is a list of standard “cures” that I’ve used:
Arrange furniture so you can face the doors while sitting (or add a mirror so you can see behind you)
Making the environment much more comfortable (sitting away from drafts, adjusting lights, etc.)
Add crystal balls on the ceiling to help move the energy of your space
Add wind chimes or musical instruments to regulate energy
Add colors or art to bring in desired energy
Add trees, flagpoles or upward pointing lighting to raise energy
Add a prosperity frog to your living room for more money
lam NOT a practitioner of Feng Shui. However, I feel that using it in my life has made my environment much nicer. When I first had Feng Shui done on my house, I doubled my salary within a month or two. The second time I had Feng Shui done, I was given a $30,000 raise – without asking.
For Every Obstacle There is a Feng Shui Solution
Go in, out, around, or straight through it
We often encounter problems and obstacles in life. Using Feng Shui approaches to help overcome them comes with what we call adopting a “Feng Shui Lifestyle.” For every obstacle we come across, we are most likely meant to LEARN something. All of life is a learning process but if you get too “stuck” on what the lesson was, you won’t be able to navigate around the problem.
Obstacles can present themselves in a number of way. Health issues, money difficulties, problems with our children or other family members that make us worry, issues with our relationships or careers. In adopting a Feng Shui Lifestyle, take a good, objective look at the problem confronting you.
Sometimes, for a quick resolution, it is best to confront an obstacle head on. Go right IN to the issue, see what you can do to change the situation immediately. And act on it. This is often difficult for many people and totally normal to not want to confront issues and difficulties head on, but it can offer much relief because they are often more quickly resolved.
A Feng Shui lifestyle asks us to keep a balance in life. Try to remember this as you are going through the “hard” times. Keeping a balance of work and play, in our diet and sleep can help us come to an answer of how best to deal with the obstacle. While it can be extremely difficult to sleep well during these times, do whatever you can to clear your head before bedtime. Besides restoring our bodies for the next day, answers can suddenly come to us when our bodies are most open to thoughts, ideas and solutions.
I believe for every issue there is a way around it whether you have to confront it head on or take a path of least resistance (which is often times while you will see in Feng Shui the words “Go with the Flow.”
1 agree with those words, we are often able to do that but for other obstacles and situations, confronting and dealing with it head on will not keep you “stuck” on it but will allow you to move forward in life.

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