Fens shui for kids

The CREATIVITY & CHILDREN area is located in the West corner of your home and/or business. In the individual rooms, it is located in the middle right section of the Bagua. It is about creativity and it’s birthing. Birthing of children, a new idea, a project, or anything that is creative. Enhance this corner when you want to conceive, more to be more creative or improve relationships with children.

Enhancing Colors:

Metals, White, & Pastels
Element: “Metal”
Based King Wen (Later Heaven)
Nature: “Lake”
Personality: “Joyous”
Season: “Autumn”
Family: “Youngest Daughter”
Meaning: “Joy, satisfaction, stagnation”

Enhancing Tips:

An excellent area to do hobbies, crafts, artwork,- or just to get creative.
Televisions, stereos, DVD, computers, etc. are best placed in this corner.
Photos of family and children are good placed in this area.
Sentimental childhood things; toys, stuffed animals, a train. The will remind you to allow your inner child to come out and play.
Fresh blooming flowers, cut or a plant. Best if you have pastel or white flowers.
A piece of artwork by an artist you admire.
Gather photos, brochures, etc. that represent your goals. Put them on poster board and hang the in this corner.
Do the same thing with symbols of your dreams.
Statues, figurines, or pictures of things that symbolize your dreams and/or goals.
If you are planning on having a child, place baby things in this area. Example, birth announcements, baby name book, baby clothes, etc.
If your baby making days are over, place objects that have been made for you or made by you.
This is an excellent area for a child’s bedroom.
Since us pet owners feel our pets are our children, this is a good area to put your pet’s bed, toys, or food and water.


Find out your child/children’s Kua Number; make sure when sleeping his/her head points in Health (Tien Yi) direction.
To create better harmony amongst siblings sleeping with their heads facing the Relationships (Nien Yen) direction works wonders.
Do not let your child sleep or study in a room located above a garage or below a toilet. This will cause the mind to wander and distract studies.
Place quartz crystals on or hanging above a decorative desk in the Northeast corner for better studying and comprehending.
Also place a globe on the table in the NE and hang a lead crystal ball to catch the light, which brings excellent study and exam success luck.
And children not sleep with their head positioned on the same wall as a toilet. This harmful position will cause your child to be distracted from studies and ultimately have bad luck.
If there is a bathroom in the northeast corner of the child’s bedroom put stones around the base of the toilet and keep the seat and lid down.
If you have been trying for children or your offspring are getting out of hand, check if there is any offending man-made structure directly facing your front door. If there is get a concave Bagua and hang it outside above your front door. It will absorb negative energy before it enters the home. You might also want to hang a flat Bagua near to is (at least 9″ apart) to protect the home and all inside.

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