Surroundings of the house as per feng shui
There is an old Feng Shui saying, “Mountain at back, water in front”.
The ancient Chinese believe that mountains and hills are strong source of qi. Therefore living in the vicinity of mountain ranges will allow you to tap on this life-giving qi. The mountain a range also knows as dragons should have lush green vegetation and are called Living Dragon. Those with rocky terrain and little vegetation are called Sick Dragon and should be avoided.
Ideally there should be mountains at the back, on the left and right. This arrangement allow qi to gather and not blown too quickly away by the wind.
Not every one of us is fortunate enough to live near mountains. What if the land is flat? Even flat land has qi but to help retain them, you should ideally have river or lake nearby since water is known to retainqi-
There should be plenty of space in the front of the house and should ideally face a body of clean and clear water like a pond or lake. Alternatively a playground or small field is also acceptable.
Unlike commercial properties, a house should not be located facing a busy road. The disturbing qi created by the traffic prevents occupants from a good rest.
Also avoid buying a house located at the intersection of a T-Junction or Y-Junction or one that turns sharply in front of your house.

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