Eraòæa, Vátári, Aruz, vaataair, Rendi , Castor Oil, Ricinus c o m m u n i s Linn


Sanskrit: Eraòæa, Vátári

Aruz, vaataair


Hindi: Rendi

English: Castor Oil Plant

Latin: Ricinus c o m m u n i s Linn. (R. dicoccus)

Part Used: [two varieties —pe- rennial bushy plant with large fruits and red seeds—yield

more oil; smaller annual shrub with small gray or white     seeds

matism. For rectum disorders and hemorrhoids, it is given in small doses to soften feces and lubri- cate the passage. Also helps with ingested glass. As a purgative, it is taken with ginger or daßhmúl teas. Externally used for sore nipples during breast feeding. In constipation it is used as an enema (2 oz.: 1 pint water). Dropped into the eyes for con- junctivitis and irritations. It increases cows milk when they eat the leaves. Externally—oil mixed with rice water for leg swelling; oil mixed with coconut oil and water (1:2:6) for itching skin. Preparation: Oil doses: children- 1 tsp.;

adults—2 tsp. – 3 tbs. in tea or boiled milk. Decoction, infusion, poultice, leaf, paste Precaution: Oil not used for kidney, bladder, bile duct, or intestine infections; jaundice, dysuria

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