DIABETES (Diabetes Mellitus)

This arises because of the excretion of excess glucose in the urine, resulting the lack of insulin This disease is common among aged and sick people
1. Feels more hungry and more thirsty
2. Feels tried and look pale
3. Intensedtching around genital organs
4. Feels drowsy and sometimes giddy.
1 Because of overeating and irregularity in taking foods.
2 Over eating of the sugar products and also refined foods containing carbohydrates more.
3. Because of unnecessary grief, wariness
1. Bitter gourds mostly, should be utilised in the diet because it contains a hypoglycemic like
2. Grapes are the best food in diet for the Diabetes patients
3. Mango leave should be kept in the water for a night. Then should be dried up in the shade and be powdered. It should be taken with a little honey in the morning the disease comes into control.
3. Bengal gram and black gram are also useful if it is taken with a tea-spoon of honey.
4. The use ofjambul fruits is a simple medicine in curing this disease. The seeds of the fruits has the power to check the increase of this disease.
1. The patient should adopt to take a low-fat diet daily, till it is completely cured.
2 Home made cottage cheese, curd, sore butter milk should be used because they contain more proteins
3. Bhujangasana Shalabhasana, Halasana and even Shavasana should be practised daily

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