DANDRUFF (Risky in the Scalp)

This type of ailment occurs, when the skin gets infected.
1. While combing the hair, the scalp scratches some times.
2. The scales from the scalp fall like snow flakes.
3. They may settle on the eyebrows and even on shoulders.
4. Because of this trouble there is the chance of even itching.
1. Negligence and impatience of our health in keeping clean.
2. Because of taking wrong foods and even by irregularity in taking the diets.
3. Because of a low vitality due to the infected diseases.
4. Because of the emotional tension or exposure to cold and even by tiresome.
1. The use of a little fresh lime juice for washing the hair.
2. Washing thehairbythe green gram powder mixed with curd.
3. Applying the paste of fenugreek seeds all over the scalp and leaving it a couple of hours.
4. Tops and roots of white beat, to be boiled in the water and this water to be massaged into the scalp every night for some days.
5. By rubbing the juice of snake gourd over the scalp  for some days.
6. By massaging the hair with the curd keeping open for 3 days.
7. By massaging the drops of lime juice mixed with ala juice every night for some days before going to bed.
1. More attention should be given in taking the diets.
2. All fruits diet for the first five days.
3.  Bananas citrus fruits, tinned fruits should not be taken.
4 The patient should adopt a well-balanced diet.
5 Only fresh fruits and vegetables should be used till the complete cure.
6 Condiments, pickles, meats, white flour, sugar, tea, coffee should all be avoided.
7 Should keep the hair and scalp complete clean.
8 The scalp should also be thoroughly massaged daily.

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