Cucumber (Sakusa, Kíra)

Cucumber (Sakusa, Kíra)


 Energetics: Sweet, astringent/cold/sweet VPK+


Actions: Refrigerant, diuretic; seeds better diuretics, febrifuges


Indications: Eaten as a raw dessert mixed with lemon juice, pepper, and salt, enables the body to absorb the maximum amount of the cucumbers juice and vitamins. Summer food, thirst relieving, urinary tract infections difficult or scanty urine, spleen and stomach disorders, acne, blood puri- fier; seeds dispels phlegm and heat from the lungs. Antidote to heavy, sticky yogurt properties. Seeds are cooling, diuretic, and highly nourishing.


There is  a  poem  in  India  about  Kíra;



Kíra shuba me híra Kíra dopaher me jíra Kíra sham me píra


Cucumber in the morning is diamond Cucumber in the afternoon is cumin (digestive) Cucumber in the evening is pain

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