Carrots (£hikha-mulam)



Energetics: Sweet, astringent/hot/sweet or pungent VK- P+ excess; juice V+ due to its cold nature, sweet nature makes it hard to digest


Actions: Digestive, laxative, diuretic, appetite stimulant, alterative, antiseptic; seeds stimulant, antispasmodic, emmenagogue


Indications: Increase blood flow, build blood, brighten eyes, rickets, colitis, gout, constipation, worms (eaten raw), arthritis, skin disorders, edema, jaundice, chronic hepatitis, antioxidant, heal skin and tissues; heart disease, reduce the risk of lung cancer; diarrhea, healthy teeth, colon disorders, dehydration, complexion. One cup of juice with 2 teaspoons of cilantro juice, taken twice daily on an empty stomach, relieves hemorrhoids.

For chronic indigestion, a glass of juice is taken with a pinch of ginger powder. One half

cup of juice mixed with one half cup aloe vera juice, and taken twice daily, helps reduce cancer. Externally poultice for malodorous, ulcerative sores.


Contraindications: May cause colic in babies.

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