Carminative: S- Vata-anuloman

Carminative: [S- Vata-anuloman or Dípaníya; H-Bao Haran]


Uses: Dispels intestinal gas and distention; in- creases absorption of nutrients, dispels water, mu- cus, and áma in the GI tract; promotes normal peri- stalsis; increases agni; cleanses srotas; relieves spasms and pain; promotes práòa flow; improves weak digestion from anxiety, nervousness, or de- pression. May aggravate Váyu in long-term use. Herbs:

Cold Herbs: Chamomile, chrysanthemum, corian- der, fennel, lime, musta, peppermint, and spear– mint

Hot Herbs: Ajwan, basil, calamus, cardamom, cin- namon, ginger, and turmeric

Formulations: Hi´gwasták Chúròa, Lava´ Bhaskar Chúròa, T^ikatu, Triphalá

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