Asthma (Panting or Short drawn Breath)

This sort of disease is because of the allergic condition due to the reaction of the body becoming risible in inspiration. “Asthma” word itself is derived from the Greek work giving the meaning “Short drawn breath’
1 Seems to be gasping for breath
2 Difficulty in breathing out rather than inside
3  The asthma patients gets attack either in the cold night or in the cold early morning
Asthma disease is caused by

I Bad weather conditions .

1 Irregularity in using the foods l

Usages of drugs awithout ny advice the doctors

I Even because of the psychological factor

May happen hereditarily
1 Figs are the best among the fruits to be taken in use for asthmatics. Figs should be soaked in warm water for complete night. The next morning they may be eaten and even the soaked water may be drunk. This should be practised for a couple of weeks.
2 A tea-spoon of the Bitter Gourd root paste must be mixed with the honey and should be given to the patient once in every night at least for a month without any break.
3 Garlic cloves, boiled in the milk is an excellent home remedy for this disease. The mixture should be taken daily once for a few days after which the disease becomes decrease.
4 The decoction prepared by linseed is also beneficial in preventing this disease.
5 The soup, prepared by drumstick leaves are found beneficial for the asthma disease.
6 Lemon juice diluted in a glass of hot water, if taken with meals or after meals, give good results in cure.
7 Even the usage of honey in a small quantity, if taken daily twice in the morning and evening is also found healthier for the asthma patients.
8 By applying on the back, the mustard oil mixed with a little camphor, gives relief for the easy breathing.
9 By taking water kept in the copper vessel in found beneficial for the cure of the disease.
1. The diet should be contained a limited quantity of alkali forming foods.
2 Food like rice, sugar curds should be avoided because they tend to produce phlegm.
1 Even alcoholic food substances and liquids condiments, pickles and all refined foods should be avoided.
I The patient should have plenty of ff eh air, sunlight and water.
^ Breathing exercises and regular fasting once in every week is also the natural remedy for Asthma patients.

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