ANEMIA (Haemoglobin Trouble in Blood)

Whenever we find the decrease in quantity of haemoglobin in the red cells, it affects the human beings by the ailment “Anaemia”.
The Sanction of the red blood cells is remarkable in the circulation of blood throughout our body. Because mainly it helps in carrying the oxygen to all the tissues. The blood colouring red, is completely because of the haemoglobin, when there is the deficiency of haemoglobin in the blood there will be the decrease of red colour in the blood. Then the face turns into white colour. The disease ‘Anaemia’ happens Tiause of this.
1  The body becomes weak and fatigue.
2  The patient suffers from dizziness i

3  Shortness of breath in exertion.
4  Slow healing of the wounds caused.
5  A haggard look, when seeing.
6  Memory becomes poor,

1.  Due to the deficiency of iron, vitamins and proteins in the food.
2.  Heavy loss of blood caused by the injuries bleeding piles etc.
3.  Excess of bleeding at the time of menstruation in women.
4.  Lack of hydro chloris acid in stomach. Lack of Iron and proteins in our daily diet.
1.  beetroot juice is quite helpful in curing this disease, because it helps in the formation of red cells.
2. The cooked leaves of fen greek also help in blood l”i mation if used sufficiently in the diet.
3. Dairy products containing vitamin B, useful in I a eventing from this disease.
4. The leafy vegetable like spinach, is also a common remedy to Anaemia, because it helps in the formation of haemoglobin in the red blood cells sufficiently.
5.  Honey largely contains iron, copper and manganese. So
it helps in the formation work of haemoglobin

6. Soyabean and black sesame seeds not only contains iron but also is digestible easily So these are also a home l remedy for the suffers from Anaemia”
7. Some fruits like black grapes, bananas and also! vegetables like carrots onions, tomatoes also contain the portion of iron sufficiently So e\ en these should be used by the parents
1 More attention should be given for the ‘Diet’7 in the treatment of”Anaemia”
2 The emphasis on the foods, containing the portion of iron shall be used sufficiently
3 In the beginning fresh juicy fruits and milk diet is favourable
4 (gradually all fruit diet to be practised
5 Cold water bath is suitable at the time of this ailment i
6 Hot Epsom salt bath, once a week is also preferable I
7 Sun bath is more preferable for the disease, because the sunlight stimulates the production of red cells
8 Deep breathing and walking exercise helps the patient m preventing the disease
9 Yogasanas are helpful in this regard

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