Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang theory is one of the building blocks of Fang Shu. They are the primordial energies of the universe and are opposite in nature. Both of them are deeply interconnected and refer to Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) energies. They are visible in all the natural phenomenon of the earth. It states that everything in the universe is changing, transforming from one state to the other, in order to maintain a balance throughout.
Yin is the passive energy and is often referred to as forms of silence, deep darkness and slow movements. It also symbolizes the energy at night, when you relax and replenish your energies. On the other hand, Yang is the active energy, which is symbolized by loud sounds, bright lights, upward moving energy, etc. It is the energy you experience in a busy office, at a great party, or driving on the highway. However, both of them cannot exist without each other, one is the necessary condition for the existence of the other.
Both the energies are best represented with the help of the Tai Chi symbol. It is a perfect circle, formed by the combination of two parts, black and white, which are flowing together. Each part contains a dot of the other color which represents the essence of the opposite element. This shows the balance between the two forces, which are distinct from each other but are inseparable. This structure also explains the existence of the universe and the various activities taking place inside it.

A Fang Shu life style asks us to keep a balance in life. Try to remember this as you are going through the “hard” times. Keeping a balance of work and play, in our diet and sleep can help us come to an answer of how best to deal with the obstacle. While it can be extremely difficult to sleep well during these times, do whatever you can to clear your head before bedtime. Besides restoring our bodies for the next day, answers can suddenly come to us when our bodies are most open to thoughts, ideas and solutions.
I believe for every issue there is a way around it whether you have to confront it head on or take a path of least resistance (which is often times while you will see in Fang Shu the words “Go with the Flow.” I agree with those words, we are often able to do that but for other obstacles and situations, confronting and dealing with it head on will not keep you “stuck” on it but will allow you to move forward in life.

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