Whooping cough (Cough with a whooping sand)

This type of cough is also called as “pertussis”. This is in infectious disease. This disease mostly attacks to the • hildren in between the age from 2 to 7 years. Some times i Ins type of disease will be affected up to 13 years.
1 In the beginning the child feels to be suffering from th^ cold and later on the child begins to whoop,

2  frequently the child Vomits.
3  convulsion will also occur in certain severe cases

1. This type of cough is caused by the micro organisms Bertelli Pertussis.
2. This is a very infections disease
1. Garlic syrups are good for the cure of this disease. This syrup should be given to the patient three times a day in a tea-spoon full.
2. Ginger juice mixed with honey is also an excellent home remedy for this disease.
3. Raddishjuice mixed with the equal proportion of honey and a little rock salt is also a beneficial treatment, if taken a couple of week, thrice daily.
4. Some drops of almond oil, mixed with white onion and ginger juice is also a good curable treatment if taken three times daily for two weeks.
1. The diseased child should be kept in orange juice for a week in the beginning.
2 After a little relief the child may be put on an all fruit diet.
3   In the beginning of the disease, the baths of Epsom salts are beneficial. Because of this bath, the muscle pain will get relief.
4. The patients should be prevented from exposing to cold.

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