Your Wealth Area In Office Fens Shui

Using the first bagua placement system, stand in the doorway to your office and locate your wealth area in the upper left hand corner of the room.
Here are some traditional feng shui aids you can use to enhance your wealth area:

1. Place a picture of a lake, waterfall or any other water scene on one of the walls in your wealth corner. Water represents energy flow.
2. Use an aquarium or small fountain if you prefer.
3. Place a green, smooth-leafed plant (e.g., a jade plant) on a shelf in this corner. You can substitute an artificial plant if you tend to neglect live ones. The allusion to growing wealth is obvious.
4. Place other symbols of wealth in the comer. They can include:
* red eggs symbolizing wealth creation
* a red envelope containing several coins
* a crystal on a red ribbon near the window
* three Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon
* a pearl or anything spherical (to curb unbridled ambition)
* a wheel or bell representing power
* a symbol or picture of red fish symbolizing wealth
* a lotus flower symbolizing great achievements from humble beginnings
* In addition, you can place a decorative jar of water near the entrance to your office.
5. Make sure all items in your feng shui wealth areas pertain to wealth. In term of office feng shui. they might include a bookshelf with all your business or wealth creation books, your business computer, your diplomas and business awards.
6. Add any inspirational pictures, quotes, affirmations, etc. to your area, in other words, anything that moves you to take action.
7. Use the bagua to determine the wealth area of your desk, your bookshelves and so on. Then place additional symbols there as well.
8. If fame is a.component of your drive to success, you can add some additional items to the fame area of your office:
* any item that’s red (representing fire)
* any item made of wood
* a conch shell representing a prosperous voyage
* a wheel or bell representing power
* a phoenix, rooster or peacock symbolizing good fortune.
If you want to incorporate the second system of bagua placement, you can add some fame symbols to your south wall and place a plant and a photograph of water to the second wealth area located in the left hand corner of the south wall.

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