Vanpsa, Banaphsa, Wild Violet, Viola odorata Linn


Sanskrit: Tráymán


Hindi: Vanpsa, Banaphsa

English: Wild Violet

Latin: Viola odorata Linn.

Part Used: Flowers, root

Habitat: An herb found in the Himalayas over 5,000 feet

Energetics: Flowers astringent; bitter-cold-bitter


Tissues: Plasma, blood, reproductive

Systems: Respiratory, excretory, female reproduc- tive, circulatory

Action: Emetic, flowers—demulcent, diaphoretic, diuretic, aperient

Uses: Decoction for cough, sneezing, flu, and other respiratory problems. Bile, lung disorders, rectum and uterus prolapse, stops oozing of pus, kidney and liver diseases; diaphoretic for pulmonary dis- orders, nauseating emetic, large doses—emetic, mixed with almond oil and senna syrup—excel- lent demulcent and aperient for children, petal syrup—infant coughs and chest tightness; flower infusion—fevers; root is emetic in larger doses. Preparation: Decoction, infusion, powder, pill, syrup

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