Vaå¤h Lochan, Bans, Bamboo Manna,Bumbusa arundinacia Retz


Sanskrit: Vaμ¤ha (Lochana)

vaMfa  laaecana


Hindi: Vaå¤h Lochan, Bans

English: Bamboo Manna

Latin: Bumbusa arundinacia Retz. (B. apous, B. orientalls, B. spinosa)

Part Used: [Two varieties (blue, white)] Inner stalks or stems of female plant (silicous deposit)/ milky bark; leaves, young shoots, seeds, roots

Habitat: Himalayas; 4,000 feet, and throughout


Energetics: Sweet, astringent-cold-sweet PV K+ Tissues: Plasma, blood, marrow/nerve

Systems: Circulatory, nervous, respiratory

Action:    Demulcent,    expectorant,    tonic, rejuvenative, antispasmodic, hemostatic; leaves— emmenagogue, anthelmintic; stimulant, febrifuge, tonic, aphrodisiac

Uses: Excellent for colds, coughs, fevers, and asthma; bleeding, emaciation, debility, dehydra- tion, vomiting, consumption, excellent Pitta reduc- ing herb, lungs. Nurtures heart, liver, and soothes the nervous system; relieves thirst, anxiety, im- proves the blood, skin disorders, threadworms in children, palpitation, coma, rejuvenative, strength- ening after chronic diseases, sedative, tissue deficiency. Leaves—eaten by pets. External poultice— dislodge worms from ulcers. Young shoots—ulcer worms (external—juice poured on bandage). Leaf bud—decoction for discharge of menses after delivery or when scanty.

Preparation: Decoction, milk decoction, powder Precaution: Increases congestion if not balanced with pungent herbs like ginger

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