Use Feng Shui to Select the Perfect Table

It is important to select a tabic that really fits inside of the dining space. Ensure that the table you choose will provide plenty of room for family and friends to navigate all sides of the table while simultaneously offering adequate amounts of table space for each dining participant.
The Round Dining Room Table
A round table is perhaps the most dynamic of table shapes. By design the circular shape places people face to face encouraging each of them to interact with those sitting directly across from one another. In addition there is no distinct “head of the table” since the design is even throughout the perimeter, this removes hierarchy from this space as well. A round table is also easily molded to fit any occasion both formal and informal events.
The Square Dining Room Table
Simple square-shaped dining tables offer elegant dining arrangements best fit for an intimate couple and small families. A family of 3-4 would be perfectly accommodated with a square table keeping the dining occasions personal and sometimes intimate. Choosing to incorporate a square table into your dining room regime is the perfect solution when space is a limitation. Lighting candies atop a square table reaches an intimacy level that is unmatched by any other shape.
Rectangular tables
Rectangular tables offer a more casual setting for dining. Tables of rectangular design are generally larger than most square tables and provide six or more seats.
Rectangles are not as elegant by nature as circles and oval shapes, and therefore a rectangular table may not reach the same level of formalities as an elliptical table setting. Rectangular tables are ideal in casual dining sui Toundings such as combination kitchen and dining rooms.

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