TONSILLITIS (Tonsils – Inflammation)

This ailment refers to the inflammation of Tonsils. This ailment also occurs because of “cold” on each side of the throat. The tonsils enlarges in shape and gives heavy pain and allergy.
1. Sore  throat in the beginning.
2. Light fever also arises
3. Some times even headache occurs.
4. Feels difficult to swallow
5. Pains in some organs of the body.
6. General weakness in the body.
7. Tonsils colour into red.
8. Tansillary lymph glands become enlarged.
9. Some times the patient feels pain in the ears also.
1. expose of sudden chill.
2. Enlargement of the tonsils turning into red.
3. Because by the result of chronic constipation.
1 By sipping the fresh time, squeezed in the warm water with honey and common salt
2. By taking the mixture of vegetable juices by carrot cucumber, beetroot and other.
3. By using the boiled milk with turmeric and pepper powder.
4 By gargle made from fenugreek seeds
1. A fast on orange water for the first five days.
2. Ail fruit-diet should be adopted after the Symptoms come to an end.
3 Well balanced diet of seeds vegetables and fruits there after wards
4. Butter milk, curds and fried fruits should be given up.
5 Spices and condiment uses should be avoided.
6. Warm water enema during the period of fasting.
7. Breathing exercise is beneficial in this period
8. The usage of hot Epsom salts is beneficial

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