Tonic (aromatic & bitter): [H Taqat Denewali]


coldest: PK- V++ (in most cases)


Uses: Pitta conditions (i.e., fever, heat); blood detox, weight loss, fever in blood; destroys áma, liver, and bile regulation (i.e., hepatitis, jaundice); fat and sugar reduction (i.e., spleen-diabetes); an-titumor (benign and malignant), removes conges- tion.

Herbs: Aloe, balá, barberry, chiráyatá, guæúchí, kaóuká, gentian, goldenseal, kaóuká, musta, neem, vacha. Various forms of tonics exist:

stomachic [H- Khub Bhuk Laganewali] cardiac [H- Dilko Taqat Denewali blood [H- Khun Barhanewali]


 Tonic (astringent): tissue builders; see nutritives

Herbs: Harítakí

Tonic (nutritive): [S Bruhangana karma; HDhatu barane wale] VPK+

Uses: Permanently increases the tone of a part of the body, or the entire system by nourishing and increasing weight. They are sweet, heavy, oily, or mucilaginous; increasing vital fluids, muscles, and fat; builds the blood and lymph; increases milk and semen; restoratives for weakness, emaciation, de- bility, and convalescence; soothing, harmonizing, dispels rigidity, and calms nerves. They are taken with stimulant or carminative herbs (e.g., ginger or cardamom) to assist in absorption; having expectorant, demulcent, and emollient properties; nurtures the lungs and stomach.

Herbs: Ámalakí, arka, a¤hwagandhá, balá, bh^i´garáj,  bibhítakí, cane sugar, coconut, cori- ander, dates, ghee, gokähura, guæúc, guggul, harítakí, honey, jaóámáò¤hí, licorice, mañjiähóhá, milk, raisins, sesame seeds, ¤hatávarí, turmeric, vaå¤ha lochana, viæa´ga, vidárí kand


Rejuvenative Tonics: [S- Rasáyana karma]

Uses: Regenerates cells and tissues (body and brain); promotes longevity—spiritual and physi- cal. For young and old people.

Herbs: VáyuA¤hwagandhá, guggul, harítakí, calamus, and ¤hatávarí. Pitta—Aloe, ámalakí, gotu kola, ¤hatávarí, saf- fron, and gokßhura.KaphaBibhítakí, guggul, pippalí, ¤hilájit, triphalá, and elecampane.

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