Tomatoes (Bilatí, Baigun – H)

Tomatoes (Bilatí, Baigun H)              

Energetics: Yellow—sweet, sour/heating/pungent

VPK+ Red—sour, astringent/hot /pungent the stomach and heat the intestines/sour VPK+ (when raw), VK-P+ when steamed); Tridoähic when occasionally eaten along with cumin, turmeric, and mustard


Actions: Refrigerant, relieves thirst


Indications: Circulation, blood, heart, cholesterol, hypertension, lowers cancer risk; appendicitis, digestive disorders.


Contraindications: Aggravates toxic blood conditions, acidity, sciatica, kidney and gall stones, and arthritis. Raw seeds can cause abdominal problems. A member of the nightshade family

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