Ten Traditional Herb Mixtures

Ten Traditional Herb Mixtures

1. Triphalá VPK=, for all tridoßhic diseases, con- stipation, diarrhea, eyes, cleansing or detoxing the colon, good for Kapha con- ditions, gas, distention, diabetes, parasites.

2. T^ikatu VK- P+, for colds, flu, fevers, stimu- lates appetite, cough, congestion, for low agni and áma, thyroid, detoxification.

3. Chyavan Prá¤h VPK=, general tonic, cough, strengthening lungs from asthma etc., long- term healing migraines, good for pregnant mothers, post-partum strength, and for babies; anemia, debility, T.B.

4. Sitopaladi VPK=, colds, flu, fevers, increases appetite, reduces burning sensations in the extremities.

5. Lav Bhaskar VK- P+, stimulates appetite, malabsorption, constipation, abdominal pain, tumors.

6. Mahásudarßhan P- VK+, for Pitta fevers, nau- sea, enlarged liver and spleen.

7. Da¤hmúl VPK = V-, arthritis, strengthens tis- sues, debility, postpartum condition of fe- males, cold, flu, body pain, and stiffness.

8. Ávipattikar Chúròa P- VPK=, used for hypera- cidity, heartburn, ulcers, colitis, stomach pains, indigestion, chronic constipation.

9. Hi´gwasták VPK= mainly V-, indigestion, bloating (upward-moving apána).

10. Yogaraj Guggul VK- P+ (in excess), arthritis, joint pains, stiffness, cholesterol, arterio- sclerosis, rheumatism, gout, lumbago, back pain, hernia, goiter, sciatica, acts on the pituitary gland and hormone swelling, immune system, all Váyu disorders including nerve disorders, depression,and insomnia; heals bone fractures.

It is also good for circulation, blood purifying, reduces masses, breaks up stagnation, cardiac tonic (reduces myocardial necrosis), antiseptic, respira- tory conditions, pulmonary TB, enlarged and in- flamed lymph glands, urinary disorders, endometri- tis, hemorrhoids, inflamed colon, hepatitis, ulcerated mouth, throat, tooth, and gum problems (gargle), skin conditions, increases white blood cell count. Do not use with acute kidney infections or acute stages of rashes.

(Kaißhore Guggul is for Pitta-gout, inflamma- tions, burning joints, herpes, and all blood diseases; Pure Guggul is for Kapha. They have similar ac- tions). Triphalá Guggul is best for weightloss and cholesterol. Kañchanar Guggul is best for lymph glands

[VPK= means good for all doßhas]

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