Snuhí, Thohar, Milk Hedge, Euphorbia neriifolia Linn


Sanskrit: Snuhí, Thohar

snauHI,  TaaeHr

Hindi: Thohar

English:     Milk Hedge

Latin: Euphorbia neriifolia Linn. (E. lingularia)

Part Used: Stem juice, root

Habitat: Leafless shrubs are found in Northern and Cen- tral India

Energetics: Very hot VKP+

Tissues: Marrow/ nerves, plasma, fat, Systems: Nervous, excretory

Action: Juice—purgative, expectorant; locally—

rubefacient Root—antispasmodic

Uses: Milky juice—cathartic to relieve earache, liver and spleen disorders, syphilis, edema, skin diseases, asthma, cough, remove warts (externally used), with soot of ghee lamp as an eye salve for ophthalmia; externally with ghee applied to ulcers and scabies; glandular swellings —prevents pus formation and oozing; with turmeric—applied to hemorrhoids. Mainly used externally.

Preparation: Juice, powder, pill, syrup, paste, tinc- ture, decoction, salve

Precaution: It is very irritant and strong alkalis use under the supervision of an Áyurvedic specialist

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