Seven simple feng shui tips to increase your money luck

Learn how simple changes can help you increase your money luck especially during this economic crisis.
1. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. Watch your food as healthy food makes a healthier person and therefore a more productive person resulting in better business (money). Thus, it is important to note that your refrigerator be filled with healthy food as a full refrigerator brings in abundance.
2. The Chinese believed that your stove represents wealth and it is important that you keep them clean and in proper working conditions. A defective and unclean stove can bring bad luck to your business.
3. Place bamboo and Jade plants in your home and office as they are great wealth enhancers. Besides, they also bring life; beautify the environment as well as cleaning the air and absorbing electromagnetic fields which have a negative impact on our health.
4. Place a rug or mat at the front door of your home or office with 3 lucky Chinese coins taped to the back of the rug or mat. Every time someone walks in they symbolically are bringing money into your property and into your life.
5. Keep your toilet seats down when not in use. Keep them up and money will disappear.
6. Have a wall behind your chair where you work. This provides a solid support for your business and always ensures that you can see the door which protects you and your deals. Place a water feature in front of you to signify a prosperous future as water flowing upwards brings wealth while the sound will be soothing and calming to you.
7. Goldfish are pretty, relaxing to watch, and bring “life” energy into your environment. They are also magnets for wealth. The winning combinations are 8 goldfish for luck and 1 black fish to keep away bad luck.

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