SCURVY Deficiency disease b\ V itamin C

This disease is common among t he children This disease occurs to the sailors mostly on the long voyage in the sea who are subsisted on fish, salt meats and bread stuffs mostly Now a days sailors are relieved by this diseases because of using lemon and limes to a certain extent
1 The patients feels exhausted and weak

2. Bleeding of the gum commences because by the deficiency of vitamin C
1 Because of the deficiency of Vitamin C of ascorbic acid
2 Because of using the fruits and vegetables inadequately Because by the stress which increases the utilisation of ascorbic acid
1. By using the juice of lime and lemon sufficiently with tea-spoon of honey
2. By using the green mangoes in the daily diet, with lime to relieve by citric content
3. The powder of Indian goose Barry with a tea-spoon of honey should be daily used regularly for a month with advice of the doctor
5. By utilising the potatoes as the vegetable in the daily diet
6. Bv using the decoction of the leaves of the herb jaundice berry
7. Daily use berry is. also beneficial to prevent the disease
1 The babies should be feeder properly
2 They should be sufficiently provided the breast milk
‘3  If it is not possible, cow s milk should be fed to the children
4 The children should be given a well-balanced diet, consisting of milk, fresh fruits grains and even honey
5   Then should be allowed to walk well in the fresh air and morning sun light

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