Sambhalu, Five Leafed Chaste Tree, Vitex negundo Linn


Sanskrit: Nirguòæí


 Hindi: Sambhalu

English: Five Leafed Chaste Tree

Latin: Vitex negundo Linn.

Part Used: Roots, root, flowers, leaves, bark

Habitat: Bengal, Southern India, Himalayas; Burma (Myanmar)

Energetics: Leaves—bitter; flowers—cold, astrin- gent P- V+ (K+ in excess)

Tissues: Plasma, blood, marrow/nerve, reproduc- tive

Systems: Circulatory, female reproductive, nervous Action: Leaves—antiparasitical, alterative, aro- matic, vermifuge, pain reliever. Root—tonic, feb- rifuge, expectorant, diuretic. Fruit—nervine, cephalic, emmenagogue. Dried fruit—vermifuge Uses: Hair, eyes, colic, swelling, worms, nausea, ulcers, ear disorders, malaria, hemorrhoids, spleen, uterus, removes obstructions, hemicrania. External: leaves inflammatory joint swellings in acute rheumatism and of the testes from suppressed gon- orrhea or gonorrheal epididymitis and orchitits; sprained limbs, contusions, bites (used as heated

leaves or as a poultice). Pillows stuffed with leaves are slept on to remove catarrh and headache (they are also smoked for relief). Crushed leaves or poul- tice is applied to temples for headaches. As a plas- ter on the spleen, it removes swelling; as a juice discharges worms from ulcers. A juice oil is ap- plied to sinuses and neck gland sores (scrofula), or for washing the head for glandular tubercular neck swellings. Oil is also good for syphilis, vene- real diseases, and other syphilitic skin disorders. A leaf decoction with pippalí is used for catarrhal fever with heaviness of head and dull hearing. A warm bath in a leaf decoction removes pains after childbirth. For rheumatism it is taken as a juice, with the juice of tulsí and bh^i´garáj (eclipta alba), mixed with crushed ajwan seeds; or these persons can bathe in a nirguòæí leaf decoction. A tincture of root-bark is good for irritable bladder and also rheumatism. Powdered root—good for hemor- rhoids and as a demulcent for dysentery. Root— dyspepsia, colic, rheumatism, worms, boils, skin disorders. Flowers—diarrhea, cholera, fever, liver disorders, cardiac tonic; seeds—cold for skin dis- orders; flowers and stalk powder—for blood dis- charge from stomach and bowels.

Preparation: Fruit powder—sugar/water or honey paste, decoction; powder, tincture, decoction, poul- tice

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