Rheumatism (Pain in Joints Muscles, Tissues)

Rheumatism means a sort of swelling This disease is very risky, chronic ailment, commonly in joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments This word “Rheumatism “is deaved from the Greek word “Rheuma” giving the same above said meaning.
1. A little fever in the beginning
2. The patient suffers from soreness
3. Feels unbearable pain in the joints and muscles as the case may be
4. The affected muscles become stiff
5. Sometimes more pain and stiffness in the joints with swelling
1 The main cause of this disease is that of toxic w ante in the blood
2 Vitality becomes lower and lower gradually
3. This disease is also aggravated by the exposed of cold water

1. By taking the juice of raw potatoes before having the meals.
2 By taking a cup of bitter gourd juice with a tea-spoon of honey at least for three months.
3. Lemon juice is also remarkable is curing this disease
4 The green sticks of the herb rhubarb should be pounded with the equal quantity of sugar. The pounded substance should be taken daily three or four times a day.
1 While preparing the potato juice, the peelings should be thoroughly washed and then boded
2 The patient should be put on a short fast of orange juice for a week in the beginning.
3. Only steamed vegetables should be used as the diet
4 A well-balanced diet may be adopted only after a little cure of the disease.
5 The patient should use the butter milk, fresh fruits and vegetables in plenty.
6. All meat and fish should be avoided completely for this disease
7 Tea, coffee, alcoholic foods, condiments, pickles etc should also be given up
8. Hot tub bath, a cabinet steam bath, is good for this disease.
9. Affected parts of the body should be washed in the hot water, with Epsom salts.

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