Rechanaka, Raktang, Kamala,


Sanskrit: Rechanaka, Raktang

recanak,  r½nga


Hindi: Kamala

English: Kamala

Latin: Mallotus philippinensis Muell, Arg. (Cro- ton philippinesis, C. punctatus, C. coccineum (Glandulae rottlerae)

Part Used: Glands and hairs from the capsules or fruits

Habitat: This small evergreen shrub of the Spurge family is found all over India, Sri Lanka, East Indies, Malay Archipelago, Australia, and more. Energetics: VPK=, P

Tissues: All, blood

Systems: Digestive, excretory

Action: Cathartic, anthelmintic, aphrodisiac, lithot- riptic

Uses: Tapeworms, aperient, purgative (may cause nausea or gripping before purging, but no after– effects; good for children, adults, and pets. Preparation: Ripe fruits are placed in a cloth and beaten until the glandular pubescence is removed; or fruits are rubbed between ones palms or feet.

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