Home Remedies with RAGI

To prevent increase in blood sugar and reduce obesity, eat baked rage balls (baked).
To reduce bile problems, drink a mixture ol roasted ragi flour, with jaggery and tamarind juice (in water).
To be cured from cold, sprinkle ragi flour mixed with turmeric powder on charcoal fire and inhale the fumes.
To cure liver problem, heart ailment a diabetes, roast tender green ears of rage corn over a light fire and eat the separated com with copra and jaggery. To treat women suffering from insufficient breast milk during postnatal period, give them the above mixture.
To strengthen the teeth roast ragi com till it becomes black, powder it, mix it with pepper, ginger, salt and ajwain and use it as tooth powder.
To enhance development of the body, mix  ragi corn in milk and boil it. Squeeze out the milk, add to that cardamom, cinnamon and sugar and drink it.

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