Home Remedies with RADISH

To help digest food, eat a piece of raw radish.
To treat problems of the eyes, ears, nose and throat, eat raw radish with chapatis.
To get cured from piles, eat plenty of radish.
To help cure indigestion, constipation, and jaundice and treat vision problems, eat raw radish with pepper powder, salt and lemon juice.
To get a comfortable feeling in the mouth, nerves and eyes, eat tender radish, which also is a good medicine against piles. To cure women’s diseases and regularize postponed menstruation, give them radish leaves to eat.

To treat ringworm and scabies, make a paste of radish seeds in lemon juice and apply it to the affected area.
To regularize the menstrual cycle in women, give them ground radish juice mixed with a cup of buttermilk to drink.
To treat scorpion bite and neutralize the poison, well ground radish with salt should be applied on the bite.

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