Punarnavá, Raktpunarnava, Beshakapore, Lal Punarnava, Red Hogweed, Spreading Hogweed


Sanskrit: Punarna, Raktpunarnava (red) [see also £hweta punarnarvá (white)]


Hindi: Beshakapore, Lal Punarnava

English: Red Hogweed, Spreading Hogweed

Latin: Boerhavia diffusa Linn. Part Used: Herb, root

Habitat: Throughout India, especially during the rainy season

Energetics: Red—bitter-cold-pungent

Tissues: Plasma, blood, muscle, fat, marrow/

nerves, reproductive.

Systems: Digestive, female reproductive, circula- tory, respiratory, nervous.

Action: Bitter, stomachic, laxative, diuretic, expec- torant, rejuvenative, diaphoretic, emetic Root—purgative, anthelmintic, febrifuge; White— laxative, diaphoretic; Red—vermifuge.

Uses: A main herb for kidney stones. White—edema, anemia, heart disease, cough, in- testinal colic, kidney disorders; same uses as red. Red—nervous system, heart disease, hemorrhoids, skin diseases, edema, rat and snake bites; chronic alcoholism, wasting diseases, insomnia, rheuma- tism, eye diseases, asthma (moderate doses), in- duces vomiting in large doses, jaundice, ascites due to early liver and peritoneal concerns; urethritis. Leaf juice jaundice; Root—decoction or infu- sion as a laxative, gonorrhea, internal inflamma- tions; Externallyedema, rat and snake bites. Leaf

juice with honey, dropped into the eyes for chronic ophthalmia.

Preparation: Juice, decoction, infusion, powder, paste, oil, sugar water, or honey paste

Precautions: Hyperacidity, toxic blood heat, excess Pitta, cause mental dullness, not for spiritual devo– tees—except as medicine.

Preparation: Juice, infusion (don’t boil), powder, medicated oil.

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