Pomegranate (Dáæima)


Pomegranate (Dáæima)


Energetics: Sweet, astringent, sour/hot, cold / sweet, pungent PK- V+ (sweet); (P+ sour)


Action: Astringent, alterative, hemostatic, rind antiparasitical

Indications: The sour, astringent, sweet variety is the best. Builds red blood cells (juice), cleanses bile, blood, bilious indigestion, gall stones, hypera- cidity, fever, intermittent or malarial fever; diar– rhea, dysentery, excessive perspiration, gargle for sore throats; leukorrhea, tapeworm. They are good for the heart, mind, anemia, and as a digestive aid. Pomegranate binds the bowels, cardiac tonic, hoarseness.

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