Pneumonia (Inflammation of the l ungs)

This is a very serious infectious disease, inflaming the lungs, when both the lungs are affected it is called Double Pneumonia The treatment to the patient should be very careful in this condition

Commences with the symptom of cold in the head, sometimes in the throat

2  The patient gradually shivers with fever
3. Feels risk some to breathe
4. Suffers from the pain in the chest
5. Sometimes even suffers from the cough
6 The temperature becomes abnormal
1. Causes by the germs like Staphylococcus, pneuma coccus
2 Causes even by certain Viruses
3 Because of irritations by certain worms
4 By the toxins in the body becoming weak
5 Because of the habits of wrong feedings
6. Faulty habits in the life style
1 Garlic are considered as the best home remedy for this disease. Because of this remedy, the temperature decrease Pulse in the lungs works properly
2 The mixed juice of carrots and spinach is also a marvellous home remedy for this disease
3 Even the juice of cucumber beet root is also found favourable while suffering from this disease
4 The coffee prepared b\ the seeds of fenugreek will make the fever down, increase the produce in peraspiration
5 The infusion of sesame seeds with honey, and a pinch of common salt helps the patient incurring the disease
I In the beginning the patient should be kept on the diet of raw juices of fruits
2 Gradually, the patient should be provided by the meals of juicy fruits.
3 Warm water enema to cleanse the bowels.
4 The patient may adopt a well-balanced diet of natural foods.
5 All fruits diet after the improvement

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