Pippalí, Pipal, Long Pepper, Dried Catkins


Sanskrit: Paßhana Bheda

paSana  Baed


Hindi: Pippalí, Pipal

English: Long Pepper, Dried Catkins

Latin: Piper longum Linn. Part Used: Fruit

Habitat: Indigenous to North-Eastern and South- ern India; Sri Lanka, cultivated in Eastern Bengal Energetics: Pungent-hot-sweet VK- P+

Tissues: All but bone

Systems: Digestive, reproductive, respiratory Action: Analgesic, anthelmintic, aphrodisiac, car– minative, expectorant

Uses: Abdominal tumors and distention, to improve the digestive fire, Kapha disorders, asthma, bron- chitis, colds, coughs, epilepsy, flatulence, gout, laryngitis, paralysis, rheumatic pain, sciatica, worms, immune system, for áma.

Spiritual Uses: Sattwic Precautions: Causes high Pitta Preparation: Infusion, powder, oil

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