Pineapple (Ananas-H)



Energetics: Sweet or sour/cold or hot/ sweet or pungent V KP+ (sour or unripe) sweet in moderation


Action: Diuretic, refrigerant, laxative, digestive stimulant, anti-scurvy, diaphoretic


Indications: Cleanses the liver, biliousness, acidity, jaundice, counters the effects of alcohol. Juice relieves constipation and gastric irritability in fe- vers. To reduce cigarette smoking and nicotine toxicity, chew small pieces of the fruit with half a tea- spoon of raw honey. It digests albuminous (pro- tein) substances. Contains high amounts of easily assimilated manganese (which may prevent os- teoporosis).


Precautions: Juice will aggravate Pitta. Not given to children under 7 years old. Not eaten  on an empty stomach in the morning. Not taken within two hours of ingesting dairy products. Unripe pine- apples may cause abortion

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