Home Remedies with PEPPER

To get relief from indigestion do the following.
Take one teaspoon of roasted pepper, mix it with a hand full of holy basil leaves. Add this to one cup of boiling water. After five minutes of boiling filter the liquid, add a little honey and drink the same twice a day for three days.
To cure urinary and anal irritations and burning sensations, consume a mixture of powdered pepper grains, jaggery and curd rice.
To get relief from Malaria, boil a serving spoon of powdered pepper and garlic pods for five minutes. Filter the decoction, add a little honey to the filtered liquid and drink three times a day for three days.
To be rid of Jaundice, consume a mixture of black pepper, honey and unripe mango This will activate the Liver and prevent  recurrence of Jaundice.
To  get relief from common Cold, drink warm milk to which sugar and powdered pepper have been added.
To quench recurring thirst, take half a spoon of roasted pepper and powder it smoothly. Boil this in two cups of water and cool the liquid. Consume the liquid frequently.
To cure cold, cough and throat infection, consume a mixture of a quarter spoon of well-powdered pepper and honey twice a day.
To treat cough, take smoothly powdered pepper and Oregano /ajwain (Om) and a few crystals of salt and keep the mixture in the mouth, suck for some time and swallow.
To reduce Toothache, take well-powdered pepper and message the gums with the powder, which will induce salivation.
To get rid of Pimples or acne, apply a paste ot pepper powder in water to the affected area.
To treat indigestion and flatulence (gas problem), boil one dinner spoon of melted cow’s ghee with pepper powder and salt. Consume this mixture with hot rice while taking food.

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